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30 Weeks

At 30 weeks, I can tell this is a different pregnancy this time around.
-My heartburn isn’t as bad as it was with Chloe Mae – I only have to take Tums about once a day, not multiple times a day.
-My hip and lower back pain seems to have subsided – instead I’m having more mid and upper back pain.
-I’m already unable to reach my toes, and being in the heart of summer, I need to have pretty toes.
-I didn’t have a single Braxton Hicks contraction that I was aware of with Chloe, but I’m having them all day, every day with Devon.  The Dr. says this is because I’m a veteran now and my uterus knows it needs to beef up to help me through child labor.  I get it, but seriously – ugh!!
-Here’s my seriously ginormous belly, complete with stretch marks.  Those were also absent at 30 weeks with Chloe.  This time around, the old stretch marks have already gotten some new friends.

I was deemed ‘boring’ again by the doctor at the beginning of my appointment today.  There was one minor exception 5 minutes later when my appointment was over.  I’m still measuring big – 32 cm at 30 weeks.  Since I grew 4 cm in the last 4 weeks, which is the normal growth rate, he wasn’t terribly concerned, but I will be having an ultrasound at my next appointment in 2 weeks.  He says there’s a 95% chance that there won’t be anything wrong, so I’m working on being only 5% worried.


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30 down, 10 to go!!

I had another doctor’s appointment today.  I’m really hoping that our doctor will be around when I deliver, because he never fails to make me laugh.  Today, he came in and started writing in my chart – putting down that it was my 30 week appointment.  Then he stopped, held my chart up and said, “Well this is just wrong.  You’re 75% done and we’re still on the first page, all black ink.  I don’t feel like I’m earning my money here!”  He proceeded to measure me and listen to her heartbeat.  He said he’d take anything, “a yeast infection or a stretch mark.  Just something so I feel better about taking the money.”  After listening to her heartbeat, he let out a big, fake yawn and said, “30 weeks and the heartbeat’s 140.  Boring…”  Then we agreed that boring is good (even if he does claim to feel guilty!!)

30 week belly shot

30 week belly shot

It’s amazing how much has changed in the 20 weeks since I wrote this post.  At 10 weeks, BabyMort weighed about a quarter of an ounce and was about an inch long.  Now, she’s about 3 pounds and 16 inches long.  Our “little kumquat” has become our “little cabbage.”  It doesn’t sound quite as endearing, does it??


I still feel sick a lot, but now it’s heartburn, not morning sickness.  The fatigue I thought I was experiencing at 10 weeks is nothing compared to how tired I am now and I still have trouble sleeping (or have trouble again – I had a few months when I felt fairly ‘normal.’)  In addition, now my everything hurts and I’ve accepted that I’ll only get more uncomfortable in the coming weeks.

However…I now have the joy of feeling her move around and knowing that “it” is a “her” (although I’d prefer if she’d keep herself out of my ribcage!!)  I’m also lucky enough to have had a healthy pregnancy, something I was very worried about at 10 weeks, when we hadn’t even heard her heartbeat yet.  The next 10 weeks don’t seem like an eternity away like 30 weeks did.  In fact, it feels like we hardly have any time at all to get ready for her arrival!!

Like I said before – We’re getting an amazing little girl out of this, so I can deal.  Plus, I’m already 75% of the way through my pregnancy!!

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29 weeks

BabyMort weighs about 2.5 pounds by now.   That’s the weight of about $4.50 worth of pennies or 10 sticks of butter.  She’s approximately 16 inches from head to toe – about the size of my laptop.  Her weight and length are about the size of a butternut squash according to BabyCenter.  One of the biggest things that Chloe’s doing this week is getting a bigger head to accomodate her growing brain!!
Our Little Squash

Our Little Squash

I think it’s ironic that she’s the size of a squash this week, because it’s one of the things DaddyMort’s been trying to get me to eat.  The Dr. suggested that an increase in potassium and calcium would help prevent charley horses.   These are the foods that I’ve been “approved” to eat by DaddyMort due to their high potassium content:
Bell pepper
Crimini mushrooms
Brussels sprouts

I have a banana every morning, either plain or in my smoothie.  I eat raw broccoli as snack every now and then and we have it with dinner a couple nights a week.  I had strawberry shortcake as my dessert several nights last week and we had baked potatoes for dinner last night.  We have some frozen butternut squash from late last fall that we’ll be pureeing in our marinara sauce later this week.  I’m thiking maybe we’ll make tuna salad for lunch later this week.  So…I’m trying!!  Let me know if you have any good ideas for working more potassium and/or calcium into my diet.*

We went to the hotel to use the fitness center on Sunday afternoon and took our swimsuits since the Dr. said I could sit in the hot tub for a few minutes.  I ended up deciding to just walk/jog some laps in the pool instead of using the treadmill, because my hip was bothering me.  I can totally see why women enjoy water aerobics during pregnancy!!  It was fantastic and I think we’ll try to make it part of our weekly routine.

29 week Belly Shot

29 week Belly Shot

Some weeks I look at my belly shot and feel cute.  Other weeks, I feel sort of frumpy.  This week I feel frumpy.  I think I’ll attribute it to the oh-so-comfy sweats I have on and the wearing of my husband’s t-shirt.  At least you can’t see my freaky belly-button this week 🙂

*Under no circumstance will I eat brussel sprouts, just for the record…

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28 weeks and counting

According to BabyCenter, BabyMort weighs about 2 1/4 pounds and is 14.8 inches long.  She can open and close her eyes – her eyes that now have cute little eyelashes.  She’s adding on body fat and her muscle tone is improving. 

I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve still been having heartburn, hip pain and lower back pain.  I’ve had trouble falling asleep the past couple nights, but I think I’m just adjusting to the time change.  The good news, is that once I’ve fallen asleep, I’ve been sleeping much better and woken up with less back achiness.  Thanks new bed!!

At 28 weeks, I’m considered to be in my 3rd trimester, regardless of what you read.  (Different sources have it starting anywhere between week 26 and now.)  28 weeks feels like a much bigger milestone for me, personally, though.  My mom delivered my older brother by emergency c-section at only 28 weeks.  When she was pregnant with me, she was put on bedrest at 28 weeks and I still arrived 7 weeks early.  

This is what my brother looked like at 2 days old.  When he was born, he weighed in at 2 pounds and was 14.5 inches long.  He spent the next 12 weeks in the hospital and had a lot of close calls.  My mom and dad were told that he would have cerebal palsy and would be in a wheelchair.  Well, 25 years later…


…here he is with his beautiful 2-day-old daughter.


Although my brother is living proof that a baby could survive, and thrive – living a normal, healthy life – if born at this point, I hope that Chloe will happily stay put for the next 12 weeks (or at least close!!) growing bigger and stronger every day.   I consider myself lucky that I’ve had a healthy pregnancy so far and hope that I will continue to be so lucky!!

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Approximately 31 weeks to figure it out…

I’m thinking about cloth diapering.  There’s environmental concerns, health concerns for BabyMort (none really proven that I’ve seen, but I think exposure to as few chemicals as possible is a good thing) and money concerns.  But…I don’t know many people using cloth diapers these days and from what I understand, they’ve changed a lot in the 20+ years since my mom used them on me.  So as excited as I am about the idea, I’m also very intimidated by the whole experience.  Luckily, I have a while longer to figure it out!!

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