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Way to grow, BabyMort!!

Depending on what you read (in my case, www.babycenter.com and www.thebump.com), BabyMort is the size of a fig or the size of a key lime this week.  It’s diaphragm is forming, so there might be some hicupping occurring.  And best of all, BabyMort’s little heart is beating strong at about 160 beats per minute.  We got to hear it today at our appointment!!  *sigh*  Absolutely fantastic!!

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First Appointment

We had our first doctor’s appointment today.  (It just happened to land on our anniversary :-D)  I peed in a cup – and was told to get used to it, because I’d be doing it at every appointment, had blood drawn – and was comforted that I wouldn’t have to do that at every appointment, got some nausea tips from the professionals, had my due date confirmed (June 1st – thanks Google!!) and was told I couldn’t get a flu shot until after 13 weeks – bye-bye free shot at work!!  We didn’t, however, get to hear the heartbeat.

Dr. Leeds clearly stated before he even tried that “in my 17 years of doing this, I think I’ve only heard the heartbeat about 22 times at 9 weeks. It’s much more common at 10 weeks and practically a sure thing at 11.”  So he tried at 2 different times, but couldn’t find it.  He did let me know that the digestion of my lunch almost caused him to go deaf though.  Oops!!  He said not to worry, but of course, in the irrational part of me, I am.

Normally, in early pregnancy, the appointment are every 4 weeks.  I appreciate that Dr. Leeds is having me back in 2.  For the most part, this is comforting, because I should be able to hear the heartbeat and I think I’ll feel more relaxed about everything, but then there’s that slightly irrational side of me that thinks, well maybe he’s having me back sooner to make sure nothings wrong.  *sigh*  Then I just have to take a deep breath and remind myself that he said he can very rarely get the heartbeat on the doppler at 9 weeks.

And if nausea, having to pee a lot, or being cranky are any signs of a healthy pregnancy, then I’m doing alright!!

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