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Absolutely Exhausted

I am absolutely exhausted.  Dead tired.  Thoroughly beat.  Downright tuckered out

I thought I was tired the day after Prom in high school when I was basically up for 24 hours straight.  I thought I was exhausted after working 31 our of 37 consecutive hours at the hotel one weekend.  Even in my first trimester, I thought I was just plum tuckered out.  I realize now that was nothing compared to how I’ve been feeling the last few days.

Unfortunately for those around me, that means I’m also crabby, testy, irritable or “sensitive” if you’re being nice.

My amazing husband (he really is) has the bewildered look down pat.  I don’t blame him for looking at me like I’m crazy, because I feel a bit like that sometimes when I’m upset for no particular reason.  He does what he can – rubs my back when I’m trying to get to sleep and preemptively brings me cookies or candy sometimes, assuming that I’m cranky.  And for the record, bringing me baked goods or candy will cheer me up for a bit at least.  My mom knows me well enough to count on this and brought chocolate cake when they came over the other night.

I blame my tiredness on the obvious – I am growing a baby!! – and the related, but less obvious.  I have trouble falling asleep, because I have too much running through my mind – What do we still need to do to get the nursery done?  Will I have a job after BabyMort arrives?  What will we do about our finances if I don’t?  Did I change the dog’s vet appointment?  The list goes on and on…  Once I’m lucky enough to fall asleep, I wake up because of heartburn, achey hips and/or back, because I have to pee, because I’m thirsty or because one of my extremities is asleep.  Usually, once I wake up, I start thinking about all the things that kept me up in the first place and the fun starts all over again.

I have a plan to (hopefully) get at least a few nights good sleep though.  I have yoga tonight and I usually sleep pretty well after that.  Then I made a chiropractor’s appointment for first thing tomorrow morning, hoping that after stretching at yoga, he’ll actually be able to adjust me and relieve some of my back and hip pain (something he hasn’t been able to do since for 20 weeks now…)  And the (chocolate buttercream) icing on the (chocolate) cake – I’m getting a massage on Saturday!!  We’ll put blankets over the windows in the bedroom Saturday night so the rising sun doesn’t interrupt my slumber on Sunday morning and I’d be perfectly happy sleeping until Monday morning if possible 😀

Hopefully I’ll look something like this:

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We’re making the plunge!!

A while back I mentioned that I was thinking about cloth diapering.  One of the things that needed to happen for this to be a reality was for the “I” to change to “we.”  In other words, I needed to make sure that DaddyMort was behind the idea as well.  When we first started talking about it, he sort of had a glazed over look in his eyes and said, “Uhh, okay.  If that’s what you want.”  I could tell he wasn’t thrilled with the idea.

Then he started doing his own research (thanks Google!!) and decided that it was a fantastic idea!!  My husband is so smart 😀   We’ve had sporadic conversations about it over the last few weeks, but hadn’t made any concrete decisions, figuring we still had plenty of time and there as no rush.  But, as I’m sure I’ve said several times before, I’m a planner!!  So, after a lot of time on Cloth Diapering chat boards, looking at diaper swap websites and retail websites, I think we’ve come up with Plan A.  I’m not convinced that it won’t evolve into Plan Q by the time we’re done, but for now, we have a plan!!

We’re going to get some of the BumGenius 3.0 One Size Diapers.  We plan on using these when we’re out and about, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or at a sitter’s.  We can easily get them stuffed and ready to go, so if someone else is changing BabyMort, it’s really no different than a disposable diaper (except you better now throw it away!!).  They are also adjustable, so they should fit from about 7 pounds all the way through 35 pounds, making the additional cost a sound investment.

For hanging out at home, we’re planning on using prefolds (what a lot of people use as burp rags) with covers.  I’m getting some Proraps in the Newborn size from www.diaperswappers.com to use at first.  I’ve gotten mixed messages as to whether diaper pins (or the more updated ‘Snappis’) are necessary with this type of  cover or not, so we’ll have to figure that out.  I’d prefer not to mess with pins, but I’ll have to see if that’s a possibility.

For now, that’s as far as we’re going with our plan.  We can decide if we like the Prorap covers or not, then either order them in a larger size or try something new when BabyMort outgrows the newborn size.  The benefit to prefolds and covers is that they’re a lot less expensive.  You can often use the same cover several times before washing it, therefore not needing as many of the covers – which are the expensive part – but they are a lot more intimidating!!

If you, or anyone you know, cloth diapers, please chime in with your opinion (or words of encouragement!!)  Even though I know this is the right decision for our family, a lot of people give me strange looks when I bring up the idea of cloth diapering, so I’m not exactly full of confidence.

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Approximately 31 weeks to figure it out…

I’m thinking about cloth diapering.  There’s environmental concerns, health concerns for BabyMort (none really proven that I’ve seen, but I think exposure to as few chemicals as possible is a good thing) and money concerns.  But…I don’t know many people using cloth diapers these days and from what I understand, they’ve changed a lot in the 20+ years since my mom used them on me.  So as excited as I am about the idea, I’m also very intimidated by the whole experience.  Luckily, I have a while longer to figure it out!!

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