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Kids say (or do) the darndest (or most impressive) things!

How’s that for a title?!?  I have posts rolling around in my head for Chloe Mae turning 3, an update on Devon and all of his new developments, general family stuff…but I want to take my time writing them and I don’t seem to have enough of that lately!

So here are a few cute kid stories for now, before I forget 🙂

  • Devon took a long nap and we were running a few minutes late getting ready to go to MissK’s for the day.  I asked Chloe if she could get me a pair of socks for Devon and she replied, “Yes Mommy. I certainly can.”  She makes me laugh daily due to the tone or inflection of her voice when she says something fairly ordinary.
  • I was trying to get Devon down for a nap a few mornings ago, but I knew from the start it was a little iffy.  After some fussing, I went in to try to calm him down, then he fussed some more.  So I gave up, went to his room, turned off his white noise and opened his curtain and said, “Alright then, fella. I give up!”  As soon as I started opening the curtain and talking, he stopped fussing, grabbed his pacifier and put it back in his mouth.  He was smiling by the time I made it the 5 feet across the room to him.  He had won and he knew it!
  • For as long as we’ve been allowing Chloe to take books to bed with her at night, the magic number has been 3.  There was no rhyme or reason to the 3-book limit, but that’s what we decided.  Being in her big girl bed with no pacifier the last few nights has caused our bedtime rituals to be a little wonky.  Tuesday night, Chloe already had 3 books in her bed and wanted the 2 we had just read in her bed as well.  I told her she needed to just pick 3 and she responded, “But Mommmmyy, I want these 3 and those 2. I want 5 books in my bed tonight!”  I ignored the whining and decided she had just completed simple arithmetic, so I let her have 5 books for the night 🙂

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