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We Must Be Doing Something Right…

After 22 months, I’ve already realized that a majority of my time as a parent will be spent wondering if I’m doing anything right.  Are we feeding her the right kinds of food? My co-workers think I’m ridiculous for trying to withhold processed sweets from Chloe (GASP! Chloe’s never had an Oreo!) Their theory – she’s going to get it eventually, at school or a friend’s house, and when she gets a taste of it, she’ll go crazy for it! Are we doing enough to encourage her independence?  Without trying to make her grow up too quickly of course… Should we read the 17th book in a row to her or try to steer her towards another activity for a while?  Drawing, building blocks and dancing are all important in her little world too!

This morning, I had an Aha! moment where I let out a sigh of relief and thought, We must be doing something right!  Chloe and I were loading up into the car to go to the sitters.  There are several books scattered on the floor and seats. She was telling me all about them, pointing at them, naming off all the titles – just chattering in general.  Then she asked for a book called, “Shapes” that had slid over to the other side of the car.  Chloe Mae’s speech still isn’t crystal clear though, so I double checked to make sure I understood her correctly, pointing at the book and asking if that’s the one she wanted.  Her response, “Please, mommy!”  That just about did it for me, but after I buckled her in and grabbed the book, she said, “Thank you mommy!”

We’ve been working on saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ since before Chloe started talking – encouraging her to sign or say it.  Unless prompted by us though, she wasn’t saying either. We’ve been making progress, and DaddyMort has even gotten better about responding with ‘you’re welcome.’ 🙂  Hearing both ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ from her this morning, both unprompted, sure started my Monday off right!

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