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A Brilliant Idea!!

WARNING: The following post contains references to vomiting*.  If you don’t want to read about it, STOP NOW!!

One of the lovely things many women get to deal with during pregnancy is “morning sickness,” defined as : nausea occurring in the early part of the day, especially, as a characteristic symptom in the first months of pregnancy.  I think I’ve learned to deal with this pretty well at this point, eating frequent, small meals and trying to maintain a fairly constant blood sugar level.  However, every now and then, it just comes out of nowhere and, in general, I’d say I’m much more sensitive to getting sick*.  For example, brushing my teeth and coughing are two things that frighten me these days, because both have made me hurl*.  So I try to be ultra-aware of these things and how my body is feeling/reacting to situations to keep myself from spewing* and am always aware of the closest bathroom or waste receptacle in case of emergency.

So, where is the previously referred to “brilliant idea?”  Be patient, I’m getting there.  This past Saturday we drove out to visit some friends and my dad and Roarke for the day.  And to be honest, a 2 hour car ride seemed a little daunting.  What if I suddenly needed food??  Well, we packed some snacks.  But, what if I suddenly felt like I was going to regurgitate*?  I didn’t want Aaron to have to get off on the shoulder and then do my business with cars zooming by.  And even worse, what if this happened on our ~10 hour car ride out to Ohio next week?!?  I’ll admit I’m a worrier, but that’s not going to change, so I needed to figure out how to make myself feel better about these possible situations.  Luckily, just in the nick of time, I received a brilliant idea from a friend – even if she was just sharing her unfortunate experience.

…drumroll please…

Keep a stash of Ziploc bags handy!!  That way, if you do retch*, you have a handly little container that can easily be sealed until proper disposal is available!!  I’m so relieved!!  Now all I have to do is decide what snacks to pack for 5 days away from home with 20 hours in the car and figure out if I’ll still fit into my clothes in a week and a half…

*I felt like using different words for “vomit” each time I referenced it, so I used the handy thesaurus.  I thought if I was writing a whole post about it, I could at least try to keep it interesting instead of just disgusting.  I’m not sure if I was successful in the ‘not just disgusting part,’ but it refreshed my vocabulary for a term I’m sure I’ll use a lot with a baby/kids in the future.


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