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Blame it on pregnancy?? I wish!!

Sometimes I wish that my constant worrying and crazy need to control and plan everything possible was pregnancy related.  I don’t think it is.  And I should say, my husband is a saint.  He doesn’t just deal with a crazy wife while I’m pregnant – he deals with it pretty much all the time.  There are a lot more unknowns while I’m pregnant though, which doesn’t work well with my need to control everything.  This means the crazy comes out in full force!

Last Saturday, Chloe Mae went to the library with Nanna and Dudad while DaddyMort and I prettied ourselves up to go out to lunch with the family.  (This can also be read as: DaddyMort and I had an uninterrupted hour of time together!!)  During this time, I was asking about his available vacation time this year to try to figure out how much time he’ll be able to take off when BabyD arrives in the fall.  It started out as an innocent, non-crazy, conversation.  Since I wasn’t being interrupted by a very adorable almost-two-year-old, things quickly took a turn as I started coming up with contingency plans for if BabyD arrives on Monday vs. Thursday or Wednesday vs. Saturday.  DaddyMort let me keep talking, but I soon figured out based on the looks he was giving me and the “uh-huh’s” that I had crossed the line from casually wondering about vacation time to being a crazy control freak.  I backed down a little, but not without trying to justify my craziness first 🙂  

Now today, I’m in a tizzy over tomorrow’s ultrasound.  When it was first scheduled, I tried to put it out of my mind, because it was 4 weeks away and I knew it would take forever to get here if I was constantly thinking about it.  Then a couple weeks ago I found out I might have to report to jury duty today, which would jeopardize tomorrow’s scheduled ultrasound.  Again, I was trying not to think about it.  At 5:03PM last night I called and found out I didn’t have to report to jury duty, so I was in the clear.  I was finally excited for Wednesday morning!!  I told a pregnant friend (who’s also our sitter) when I picked Chloe up.  Then we were excited together.  I told my husband and we were excited together.  I called my mom to confirm plans for her to watch Chloe Wednesday morning while we’re at the appointment.  And you guessed it – we were excited together!!

For 10 hours I was excited.  Then at about 3AM I got up for one of my many nightly trips to the restroom.  I laid in bed, unable to fall back asleep after that and started worrying.  What if we get to the ultrasound and something’s wrong?  I have no reason to think anything’s wrong – but I have to be in a rational state of mind for that to make a difference.  I didn’t feel Chloe Mae move until 18.5 weeks.  I’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow, so we’re not behind on that one.  I had a wonderfully easy, healthy pregnancy last time, so there’s no reason to think this one will be any different.  

I can’t help it though.  I am worried.  That’s just who I am – as a person and a mom.  Hopefully by about 8:05 tomorrow morning we will have at least seen BabyD and heard his/her heartbeat.  And soon after that, I hope all of my other (current) worries will be gone and BabyD will be given a clean bill of health.  Then on to the next set of worries and craziness!!

*This is me being rational and assuming that everything will be fine with our little one:  I can’t keep a secret, so we will be sharing BabyD’s gender when we find out.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the big announcement!! 

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Chloe’s First Thanksgiving (in Ohio)

For as long as I can remember, I have made a bi-annual trek to Dayton, OH with my family to visit some of our wonderful extended family.  I have lots of great memories and was excited 4 years ago when Aaron got to join me for the first time.  This year is Chloe’s first chance to go, and although I am excited, we have to survive the drive first.

From door-to-door, the trip is 612 miles.  Six hundred and twelve miles with a cutie who has gotten restless as the weather has gotten colder and she’s been stuck inside more – but still able to run around.  Six hundred and twelve miles with an adorable little girl who sometimes gets tired of being in the car on a short trip across town or waiting for a train.  Six hundred and twelve miles….

On the drive out, we’re breaking it up into 2 days.  Tuesday afternoon/evening, we hope to make it to Indianapolis.  Assuming that Chloe falls asleep in the car for her regular afternoon nap and again around bedtime, she should sleep for a good portion of Tuesday’s drive.  We’ll finish with just a short drive to Dayton on Wednesday.  The trip home, however, we are doing all in 1 day.

I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that Chloe will probably spend most of the 1024 miles with some sort of snack in hand.  I’ve also accepted that we’ll be making even more stops than we did 2 years ago when we made the trip with 2 pregnant women with tiny bladders.  We’ve been clinging to Chloe’s two nap-a-day schedule, even though she’s been giving clues that she might be ready for just one, in hopes that she’ll sleep just a little more during our drive.  I have a few new toys for Chloe to play with and we’ve stocked up on DVD’s of her favorite show, The Backyardigans.  (It’s her favorite, because it’s one of the only shows she gets to watch, because it’s one of the only shows mom and dad don’t mind watching!!)  And Chloe will have mom, dad, Nanna and Dudad in the car to entertain her, aka – she’ll be in heaven.  It will be fine.  We will all survive.  I’m aware of this, but I wouldn’t really be me if I didn’t worry, right??

To further soothe my worries, I’ve convinced myself that the whole ride will go as well as the 20 minute ride to grandma and grandpa’s did on Sunday…

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Crib Safety

We were lucky enough to have someone give us a crib mattress this weekend.  Of course, then we immediately had to put the crib skirt, sheet and bumper so we could see what it all looks like.  I had about 3 seconds to enjoy it before I started worrying…

It looks cute, but should we really use a crib bumper?  Everything I read says you shouldn’t use them because of possible suffocation.  However, pretty much everyone I know still uses one.  They sell them, so how bad could they really be??  Those are my initial thoughts, but still, do I want to take the risk??

Is the mattress ‘snug’ enough?  So far, I haven’t found anything that tells me how snug a snug mattress is supposed to be, just that it should be.  Supposedly, we have a standard size crib and were given a standard size mattress, so it should fit, but I know there are slight variations.  If our crib is just slightly too big and the mattress slightly too small, that could add up to a big difference.  I assume you don’t have to wedge the mattress in every time you change the sheets, but how much space is too much space??  1/2″, 1″, 2″…I just don’t know.

Anyone have the knowledge to calm my worries??  (On this topic at least…)

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