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Winter in April: Escape to Phoenix

After making an offhand comment at the beginning of January about how winter really wasn’t too bad this year, Mother Nature decide to prove me wrong. It seemed like we were getting snow or experiencing below zero temperatures constantly for months. When the snow wouldn’t end in March, we decided we needed another escape. We used the explore feature on and found plane tickets to Phoenix, AZ for $60/person in April.

The mornings started out in the 60s and the temperature was in the 80s or 90s by the afternoon. Our kids are not great at changing their sleeping pattern due to time changes, so we got up early every morning and went hiking before breakfast – and before it got too hot. Then we went swimming from about 10-12, had lunch, and worked on a little schoolwork before finding an afternoon/evening activity. Pretty much any activity that could be done outside was, so we could soak up as much sunshine as possible.

The company Aaron works for has an office in Scottsdale, so I felt like we needed to scope out some good restaurants in case we come back. My favorite breakfast spot was Butters Cafe and we had a fun afternoon date by going to Top Golf and getting donuts at the Fractured Prune. We were also happy to find that they have In-N-Out Burger in Arizona and I kinda wanted a Neopolitan shake every day, but I showed self-restraint. Sort of. Really, we just scoped out several different spots to satisfy my sweet tooth and were happy to find a great ice cream spot, Churn, close to the Phoenix Art Museum – which, if you’re visiting, is free on Wednesday afternoons starting at 3!

Although it took a few weeks to fully warm up to normal spring temperatures when we got home, this was just the recharge we needed to make it through!

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