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Spring – Iowa Style

We are raising hearty, Iowa kids.  Or maybe they’re just like the rest of us and are sick and tired of winter.  Either way, they were happy to walk from the sitter’s to the van with no coats tonight.  It was in the low 40’s – wahoo!  Then DaddyMort earned the “Super-duper-awesome-dad” award by cleaning up the backyard so the kids had a clear (dog poop-free) walk to the swingset.  Our evening was full of smiles and giggles.  There was a quick interruption for dinner, then right after dinner, Devon pointed out the window and said, “Weeeee!!”  I used my super-duper-awesome-mom skills to gather that he wanted to go swing again 🙂


They had red noses and cold hands when it was time to come in, but they were so happy.  I can’t wait for spring to truly arrive so we can enjoy every night like this!

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