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The countdown is on…

We will be officially starting our first year of full time homeschooling soon. I’m excited, anxious and a little bit terrified all at once. But one thing I know is that I’m looking forward to not missing out on the little moments throughout the day. Although they occasionally (okay, daily) drive me a little crazy, they’re also wonderful, kind, funny little people. 

Here are some examples, because I’ll forget ten years from now – or possibly next week – if I don’t write them down!

  • C: “Mom, what is 18 times 24?”  Me: “Why?”  C: “I just want to know in case anyone ever asks me.”
  • D: “Can I have some of this Rice Krispie treat for lunch?”  Me: “No, that’s a treat. Not a lunch food. Would you like a spinach salad?”  D: “YES!!!”
  • While playing some sort of game than involved D being a parrot named Sweet Pea, C skipped down the hallway declaring, “Mother and daughter die as one.” So. Completely. Random. 
  • While driving, I hear D say, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! OH. MY. GOSH!! The wimbows are in!!!!!” He was excited about the appearance of windows in a building he’s been keeping his eye on. 
  • Both kids have spent a lot of time talking about D’s birthday party, which won’t happen until the end of September. They’ve decided on a Minion theme and were brainstorming on how the could do a Minion pedicure. I told C I didn’t think I was talented enough to do overalls and eyes on tiny little toes. She then very matter-of-faculty informed me, “Well then I’ll do them. Because I’m that good.”

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