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Our Daughter Sleepstands

Is “sleepstand” a word??  Probably not, but that’s what she does!!  Several nights recently we’ve had this happen… 

We put Chloe Mae to bed and head downstairs to watch some TV.  We have a video monitor, but we usually don’t pay much attention to the picture when we’re downstairs, we just have the sound on quietly and can hear if she’s crying.  But a few times recently some movement has caught my eye about 20-30 minutes after we put her down.  I’ll glance at the monitor and see that Chloe is standing up in her crib.  So we go upstairs to lay her back down (because she can’t seem to figure out how to get herself back down when she’s sleepy) and find her with her head laying on the crib rail, completely asleep.  And she wasn’t  making any noise before she stood up, so we can only assume that she’s doing this in her sleep!!

If I didn’t think a flash in her dark room would not only wake her up, but also make her angry, I’d take a picture of this adorable sight.  Instead, you’ll just have to take my word on it that it’s cute!!

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You know you’re a parent when…

…you pick out your outfit based on what color/fabric is least likely to show the snot your child will inevitably get all over you.

…you discover a used tissue in the waistband of your pocket-less pants 3 hours into your work day.

…you serve your child bubble-gum flavored yogurt at breakfast, because it’s the only way you can get her to take her amoxycillin.

Can you tell that Chloe Mae is sick again?!?

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11 Months – Wowzers!!

I’ve heard parents say this countless times, although it’s hard to really understand until you’re living it, but I can’t believe how quickly Chloe has grown!!  I’m amazed that she’s almost a year old.  It’s mind boggling to think back to a year ago and how differently our lives were.  Or even 6 months ago and how much Chloe has changed in that time.  *sigh*  I digress…

Chloe is a big fan of fruit, and will eat veggies if we sneak bites of it in between bites of cheese.  We’re happy that she likes her fruit and will put up with veggies, so we’re not pushing the issue too much.  She loves to feed herself mandarin oranges and pineapple and she eats her apple-pear sauce from a spoon almost faster than we can feed it to her.  We tried chunks of kiwi last week, but it came right back out.  However, when we pureed it and mixed it with yogurt, she gobbled it up, so I think it must be a texture thing.    She recognizes foods she loves by sight and will refuse to eat other foods if she can see the favorites.  For example, last night I tried to give her chunks of sweet potatoes, but she could see her pineapple on the plate nearby, so the sweet potato was a no-go.  She’s definitely a girl who knows what she wants!!

Chloe Mae does not say “Mama,” “Dada” or even “Baba” (for bottle.)  She does however say “Og” or “Gog” every time she sees, or even thinks about, her dogs.  She love, love, loves her dogs!!  When she gets done with her bottle after she wakes up, she’ll sit on the bed and say dog until we get up, go downstairs and let them out.  Then there’s an even more enthusiastic “Og!” as she watches them run up the stairs and outside.  She’s constantly talking about them and giggles when they sniff her.  It’s adorable.  Chloe also has a little stuffed animal dog and a pink-polka dotted dog that now live on her changing table.  As soon as we lay her down, she picks them up and talks all about her dogs will we change her.

And while dog is the only word she says, it’s obvious that she understands a whole lot more!!  She definitely understands the signs for “eat,” “more” and “all done.”  Chloe also understands the word “No” both spoken and the sign.  When she’s about to drop food on the floor for her dogs and I say, “Chloe, no!” she slowly moves her hand, with the food in it, to her mouth without taking her eyes off me.  It’s almost like she’s saying, Geez mom.  I was totally gonna eat that anyways…  It is absolutely amazing to watch her grow and learn as she learns new words and how to communicate with us!!

We’ve been working on identifying Chloe’s Little People Farm Animals.  So far she can pick her pig and cow out of a line-up.  They’re also her favorites.  I don’t know if she can identify them because they’re her favorites or if they’re her favorites because she can identify them.  Either way, she’s pretty proud of herself.

The way I see it, we’re just days away from Chloe dressing herself.  Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, ok, a big exaggeration…. But, she has figured out that her socks and shoes go on her feet.  Instead of just chewing on her socks, she now holds them out in front of her, then puts them down by her feet.  Then she usually looks up at me and repeats.  She did the same thing with her jelly-sandals the other day.  I was so proud that I let her wear them even though they didn’t really go with her outfit 🙂

*Readers beware*  In a month, you’ll see another post that starts with… “I can’t believe how big Chloe is!!”  or  “I can’t believe how much she’s changed!!”  or  “I’m amazed it’s been a year already!!”  I can’t help myself.


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You know you’re a parent when…

….you get a call at work from your daycare provider asking if your child had asparagus for dinner the night before, because she has really (horrible, knock you over) smelly pee.

Yes, this seriously happened to me.  I have such a stinky (but adorable) daughter!!

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Finally, a cure!!

I discovered just the thing for this sleep-deprived mama* today!!  It’s called:

It’s a little bakery in Campustown that serves delicious treats infused with pharmaceutical grade caffeine.  Aaron and I split a chocolate chip bar that had 200mg of caffeine in it.  For comparison, a soda averages 35 mg and a cup of coffee averages about 75 mg.  So for this non-soda, non-coffee drinker, the 100mg of caffeine kept me alert all afternoon.

Just what this lady needed on a Monday afternoon!!

*In Chloe’s defense, she’s been doing great at sleeping the last few nights.  But since I haven’t slept well since before I was pregnant, I have a lot of catching up to do!!

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Why I Love Childserve: Reason #297

There are many reasons why I love Childserve, Chloe’s daycare.  Reasons #1, #2, #3….are Rendee and Clara, Chloe’s 2 full-time caregivers and all of the other wonderful people who take care of her while we work.

This is another one.  This is part of her “progress report” for March.

  • My favorite activity of the month is: Crawling all over the room and pushing the push toys on my knees.
  • My favorite food is:  Crackers and bread. I mostly just like sitting at the table with everyone else.
  • I’m working on and learning how to do this for the month: Standing in my crib and pulling myself up to the shelves to get all the rest of the toys.

"The day Clara did art I tried to eat it."

"St. Patrick's Day Jello. I didn't know how to pick it I sucked it off the table!"

"Mom said I didn't eat my toast for breakfast, but I ate all Clara's Birthday Cake."

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Wordless Wednesday – Trouble


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