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Conversations in our van…2.0

Driving home tonight, Chloe and I decided to take a slight detour so we could look at some Christmas lights.  We happened to drive past my work, which is in City Hall.  It’s an old, brick, 2 story school building.  There are plain white lights lining the top of the building.  I asked Chloe if she liked the lights.  She said they were very pretty and asked who put them on.  I told her that John put them on.  Her response was, “He must be very tall!”

I was glad it was dark in the car and she couldn’t see my face!  After a few seconds, I was able to explain that he most likely used a ladder or stood up on the roof.  Her response to my explanation, “Ohhhhhhhh….”

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Conversations in our van…

My friend and her son both have influenza , full blown, quarantine-able influenza.  This morning before I went off to work and the kids went off to the sitter’s, we stopped by their house and dropped off some food on their porch.  (I love ’em, but I don’t need their germs!!)  As we were driving away, Chloe asked who the daddy in their house was.  I explained that the daddy doesn’t live in their house.  Chloe’s response was, “Well then who’s going to cook for them while they’re sick?!?”

I’m so lucky to have such a fantastic husband and empathetic daughter!!

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