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Here’s to 2018!

For our family, and many others I know, 2017 was a rough year.

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I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. It certainly wasn’t all bad. I delivered a healthy baby to help complete a family. Our kids continued to do well with their schoolwork and enjoy homeschooling. We travelled to view an eclipse in totality and explore the mountains. Most importantly – we were healthy, safe and had a roof over our heads.

But looking back, it just feels like there were a lot of struggles for our family and those we love. There are many things from this last year that just plain sucked. Over the course of the year, we learned, or were reminded, that we can’t control others’ actions; only our own reactions. We learned about perseverance and taking things one day at a time. And we learned about love and loss, firsthand.

While 2017 may have been a year of unintended lessons learned, we’re hoping that the start of a new year gives our family a sort of fresh start. While life continually gives us chances to learn from our mistakes and struggles, we’re looking forward to the lessons we can learn from our triumphs and adventures in 2018.

Follow along and I’ll do my best to keep you up-to-date on our adventures – by plane, train and automobile!

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28 weeks and counting

According to BabyCenter, BabyMort weighs about 2 1/4 pounds and is 14.8 inches long.  She can open and close her eyes – her eyes that now have cute little eyelashes.  She’s adding on body fat and her muscle tone is improving. 

I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve still been having heartburn, hip pain and lower back pain.  I’ve had trouble falling asleep the past couple nights, but I think I’m just adjusting to the time change.  The good news, is that once I’ve fallen asleep, I’ve been sleeping much better and woken up with less back achiness.  Thanks new bed!!

At 28 weeks, I’m considered to be in my 3rd trimester, regardless of what you read.  (Different sources have it starting anywhere between week 26 and now.)  28 weeks feels like a much bigger milestone for me, personally, though.  My mom delivered my older brother by emergency c-section at only 28 weeks.  When she was pregnant with me, she was put on bedrest at 28 weeks and I still arrived 7 weeks early.  

This is what my brother looked like at 2 days old.  When he was born, he weighed in at 2 pounds and was 14.5 inches long.  He spent the next 12 weeks in the hospital and had a lot of close calls.  My mom and dad were told that he would have cerebal palsy and would be in a wheelchair.  Well, 25 years later…


…here he is with his beautiful 2-day-old daughter.


Although my brother is living proof that a baby could survive, and thrive – living a normal, healthy life – if born at this point, I hope that Chloe will happily stay put for the next 12 weeks (or at least close!!) growing bigger and stronger every day.   I consider myself lucky that I’ve had a healthy pregnancy so far and hope that I will continue to be so lucky!!

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Through the eyes of a 7 year-old

I have a great little brother, Roarke, who is 7 years old.  He lives about 2 hours away and we only get to see eachother every couple months.  He and his mom just moved so that they’re about a block away from my dad, so he’s been getting to spend more time with him, and as a result, I’ve spent a lot more time talking to him on the phone.  Between our phone conversations and seeing eachother every now and then, he makes me laugh a lot.  Since my sister-in-law got pregnant, there have been some great baby-related ‘Roarke-isms’ that I don’t want to forget!!

  • Justin and Becky called Roarke to tell him they were pregnant when they were about 9 weeks along.  His mom was in the background feeding him questions, so he asked, “How far along are you?”  When they told him they were 9 weeks along, he responded, “Well why didn’t’ you tell me 9 weeks ago?!?”
  • Then he started suggesting names for them.  His favorite show is Ben 10: Alien Force on Cartoon Network.  So Roarke suggested to Justin and Becky that they name their baby “Ben” if it’s a boy and “Gwen” if it’s a girl, because that’s like Ben only for a girl.  They said they hadn’t decided on any names, but Roarke was pretty insistent.
  • Roarke and my dad came to visit when I was about 6 weeks pregnant, so we told them in person.  Roarke’s response was, “but you’re not even fat!!”  Becky was starting to show, and the typical image of a pregnant woman is when she’s big towards the end, so I can see where that was coming from.  I didn’t fit into his schema for someone who’s pregnant – or “fat” as the case may be 😀
  • I called my dad one day when he and Roarke were hanging out.  I had just started experiencing morning sickness, so when my dad asked how I was feeling, I told him this.  Roarke heard tid-bits of the conversation and then asked my dad what that was.  My dad very nicely explained to him that sometimes when a woman is pregnant, she gets an upset stomach.  After that, Roarke and I talked for a minute, then he hung up with me and immediately called Becky to see if she had a stomachache.
  • After we heard the heartbeat, I called my dad to let him know.  Roarke was just coming in the door, so I got a chance to talk to him as well.  He asked something along the lines of ‘why did you call’ or ‘what have you been doing’ so I told him that we’d heard the baby’s heartbeat and I wanted to tell dad about it.  He responded, with a tone implying that I was crazy, with, “You heard the baby’s heartbeat…huh…”  I quickly changed the subject, because I didn’t think I’d convince him!!

I still have a hard time believing that Roarke is as old as he is.  I was there when he was born and was one of the first to hold him, feed him, change him, etc…  It was amazing.  I imagine that it will be even more special with our baby next summer.  And I can’t wait to see how Uncle Roarke handles having baby nieces and/or nephews around next year!!

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