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Our Little Helper

The other day, I asked Chloe to put a couple books away.  She took them back to her room and didn’t return.  When I went to find her, she was putting all of her books away on her shelf.   Didn’t she do a good job??

I was thrilled that she was taking the initiative to clean up her room, but immediately wanted to straighten the books up myself.  I held back, because I didn’t want to discourage her. 

She always wants to help us cook these days and is constantly on her stool in the kitchen or on the counter.  (She actually had a melt down yesterday when I put her stool away in anticipation of Julia being here while I was cooking lunch.  I thought having 2 girls and 1 stool would create a problem, but Chloe was not happy that I wasn’t letting her help!!)  When we clean, she wants to help.  This works out great if we’re dusting near unbreakables, but isn’t so great when we’re cleaning toilets.  Luckily, she got a broom for her birthday, so she can add another chore to her list. 

I’m hoping I can give up control enough to know that when she’s helping, she’s learning.  And I hope I don’t dampen her spirit by correcting her too often.  Maybe a few months from now, I can  teach her how to change diapers 🙂

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Defining ‘Later’ defines later as:

2. afterwards; subsequently

And according to

1: happening at a time subsequent to a reference time; “he apologized subsequently”; “he’s going to the store but he’ll be back here later“;

I’m still trying to figure out how to explain this concept to a 2-year old – and I’m pretty sure using words like ‘subsequent’ won’t help.  We’ve had several instances recently where we’ve mentioned a future event and then had a very upset Chloe Mae on our hands when the exciting future event didn’t happen right away.  Sometimes it’s a small matter – we can go on a walk after dinner or we’ll read books together after I get done emptying the dishwasher.  But there have been a few big one’s lately, in a toddler’s world at least, that have really made me think about how we can help Chloe understand the idea of ‘later’ a little better.

-Chloe was going to spend the night at Nanna and Dudad’s with her cousin a few weekends ago and when it came up at breakfast (because Chloe mentioned them) she started insisting, “Chloe – Nanna, Dudad now.”  I tried explaining that Nanna and Dudad were at work and that Chloe would get to go there after she spent the day playing at MissK’s, but she wanted to go now.  We called Nanna to confirm that she was indeed at work, and that Chloe would not have anyone to play with at Nanna’s house all day, and Chloe calmed down a bit. 

-Later that weekend, I mentioned that Chloe got to spend all day Monday with Grandma.  We were in the car, just pulling into our driveway and I couldn’t get Chloe out of the car, because she wanted to drive down to Grandma and Grandpa’s right away.  I don’t even remember how I eventually got her inside, but it wasn’t pretty.  I asked if she wanted to call them and she said, “No! Go Grandma, Grandpa!”  *sigh* Then DaddyMort made a reference to her getting to go to Grandma’s on Sunday and I think I just about strangled him.  At least we were inside that time and I didn’t have to wrangle her out of the car.

-This morning, I did it again.  At breakfast, I mentioned that some of Chloe’s favorite people were coming to dinner.  Chloe Mae immediately announced she was all done with breakfast, because she wanted to go wait for them by the window so she could see when they arrived.  We had a discussion of what had to happen between now and the arrival of BDunc and her beau, but again, Chloe was pretty sure they should just show up now!!  It was a few minutes before 8, so I got a call in to BDunc before she got to work.  Chloe discussed the evening plans with her and felt a little better.  We still spent the next hour and a half discussing the logistics of when this exciting dinner event would take place…

All in all, I suppose each of these events is helping Chloe Mae figure out the concept of later.  I would guess patience doesn’t come easily to any 2-year-old, and really, wouldn’t we all like instant gratification??  Additionally, we try to use reoccuring events in Chloe’s life to help her understand time – meals, naps, snacks, sleeping.  Ya’ know, the important things 🙂 

Do any seasoned pro’s have any other ideas for us?

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He listens better than his sister!!

On Wednesday of last week I posted that I was still waiting to feel BabyD move.  Unlike his fiercely independent older sister, who tends to do the opposite of what we request, (that couldn’t have anything to do with being 2, could it??) BabyD seems to be taking my request into consideration.  Last Friday I was pretty sure I felt him a couple times.  Then over the weekend I was sure I felt him.  Within a few days of me feeling him, DaddyMort felt a good, strong kick.  And last night I even saw my stomach pop out a few times when he was moving around.

Looks like he was just taking his sweet time until he could really make an impact.  Maybe he’s more like his sister than I thought….  BabyMort, who’s now ToddlerMort, was a late crawler and walker.  When she finally started, she could make it across the entire room at once though!!

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She’s 2!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*The mushy-I-can’t-believe-how-amazing-my-2-year-old-baby-girl-is post will be coming soon 🙂

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Thanks for nothing, McFarland!

Before I even start, let me say, I know that I’m probably tired and cranky myself after dealing with a tired and cranky toddler for 3 days now.  I’m terribly frustrated none-the-less, so here comes the venting!!

Saturday evening, I picked Chloe Mae up from my mom’s house, after DaddyMort and I spent Friday night and all day Saturday removing wallpaper from BabyD’s room.  I was exhausted and sore, DaddyMort was exhausted and Chloe Mae followed suit.  She didn’t eat much dinner and we put her to bed early, because she had the shortest fuse I’ve seen in a long time – a sure sign that she’s a tired girl.  I didn’t think too much of it though, because she’d spent 24 hours playing with Nanna, Dudad and her cousin.  She had reason to be tired.

When she woke up cranky on Sunday morning, I chalked it up to residual tiredness.  Then she didn’t eat lunch, asked to go ‘night-night,’ but didn’t nap well.  She was obviously still tired, or sick – but she told us nothing hurt, so we decided to try a trip to the park, hoping that a change of scenery and fresh air might do us all some good.  She only made it about a half hour before we hit melt-down mode and came home.  Then we spent the next 3 hours with an inconsolable girl, who – again – didn’t eat dinner.  At this point she had a fever, but I didn’t know if it was a true fever or if it was just because she’d been so upset.  She went to bed even earlier and DaddyMort and I crossed our fingers that she’d wake up feeling refreshed.

It didn’t work.  When she woke up this morning, it was obvious something still wasn’t right.  She drank some smoothie for breakfast, but wouldn’t touch her toast or banana.  Then we headed off to Grandma’s for the day.  A day getting spoiled by Grandma has to be good for anyone!!  But she had another rough day and didn’t want to get out of bed after her nap.  DaddyMort brought her home, with many tears in the car, and we evaluated when we all got home.  She had a fever of 102+ and was so sad, tired and all around pathetic. 

I called FirstNurse.  They recommended that Chloe be seen, since she’s been sick for 3 days, with a fever.  The nurse transferred me to Pediatrics, who said they’d have to have their nurse call me back, but (and I quote) ‘not to worry, because they had several appointments left open tonight.’  When the Peds nurse called me back 45 minutes later, she said that since Chloe had only been (confirmed) sick for 60 hours instead of a full 72, that we didn’t need to be seen.  When I pushed her a little, (because I know when something’s isn’t right with my child,) she went on to say that if I was concerned (obviously, or I wouldn’t be calling!!), I could take her to the ER, but they didn’t have any appointments left open in Peds.  I was frustrated and made my feelings known.  When I said I’d be filing a complaing with the Clinic (because this is not the first problem we’ve had with them) the nurse informed me that she was the head of the department and said my complaint would go through her anyways.  Oh, great… 

We spent another few minutes discussing my options for tonight – the ER or Urgent Care.  We’ve had horrible luck with Urgent Care, because they say things like, “Well we don’t usually see kids, so I’m not really sure, but…”  Not very comforting, so I wasn’t really up for that option.  And although Chloe obviously doesn’t feel well, the ER seemed like overkill.  The problem was, the nurse was missing my whole point.  I was frustrated, because I had previously been told that Chloe should be seen and that there were appointments left open, but because of how their system is set up, we didn’t end up getting seen tonight.  And then she threw in: “It’s too bad you didn’t call earlier in the day when we had more staff.”  Not only would this have not made a difference, because I’ve had issues getting appointments during the day before, but this is my fault now?!?

Fighting with the nurse over the phone wasn’t doing anything to help my daughter, so I gave it up for the night.  I scheduled her an appointment for tomorrow morning, spent the night giving her extra cuddles, pumped her full of Ibuprofen (since her temp was up to 103) and put her to bed early.  I’m hoping we’ll be able to cancel her doctor’s appointment in the morning, but at least I’m on the books – which isn’t easy when you’re dealing with McFarland Clinic!!

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Halfway there!

I’m 20 weeks pregnant today.  That means we’re at least halfway there!!  Chloe was born at exactly 38 weeks, so I’m counting on the fact that Devon won’t keep me waiting any longer than 40 weeks.  He might surprise me, but I’d rather spend the next 20 weeks thinking he’ll be out by then 🙂

Everything’s still going very well, all things considered.  I’m starting to have some heartburn at night and have ridiculous aches and pains in my lower back already.  I’m not feeling him move yet, but I was told at my ultrasound that I have an anterior placentra – which basically means it’s acting as a cushion between Devon and my stomach, so it’s not terribly surprising.  I’m hoping he’ll power through sometime in the next few days though!!

With all the excitement of finding out that we’re having a boy, I neglected to post ultrasound pictures or my belly shot from 18 weeks.  So without further ado…

18 weeks

3-D image of his face is on the right

His handsome profile 🙂

The ultrasound tech was pretty sure of herself!

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I love my daughter enough to…

…eat gelato for her!!  We got a great deal on a play kitchen for her about a year ago.  We found some some food on clearance a couple months later, MissK gave Chloe a couple plates and we’ve borrowed a fork and a bowl from Chloe’s personal collection.  She’s been lacking in bowls though.  *cue hero music*  So last week, DaddyMort and I got some gelato and saved the little bowls and spoons that came with it.  We brought them home, gave them a good wash and ta-dah!!


 She was seriously excited about these from the first moment she saw them – still covered in sticky gelato. They were sitting on the counter tonight and she spotted them during dinner. We spent the rest of dinner saying, “Yes kiddo. We’ll play with the blue bowls after dinner.”  “Yes, we’ll take them downstairs to your playroom after dinner.”   “Chloe Mae, when did we say we’d play with the blue bowls? ….  Yes, after dinner.”  So after dinner, Chloe had the time of her life playing with some almost-garbage.

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