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A while ago, I told Aaron that I wanted a puppy. I expected him to say, “Are you crazy?!?” But he didn’t. He said, “Yeah. That’s a good idea!” It was then that my daily perusal of the area animal shelter websites started. 

Yesterday, we found this guy at the ARL. (He wasn’t even posted on the website yet – score!!)

He’s a miniature pinscher mix. He was a stray, and the shelter guesses his age at 4 months old. He weighs 8.6 pounds, so he’ll probably be a little bigger than a min-pin when he’s fully grown. 

Instead of presenting a poll for friends and family to name our dog, like we did when we got Nick, we spent some time throwing names around with the kids. There were a lot of options presented, but we all agreed on Georges N. Mortvedt. (For those of you who aren’t ISU basketball fans, his name is pronounced George.) 

The kids are very excited to not only have a puppy, but a dog that won’t get bigger than them, so they can take him on walks 🙂

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