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Sledding and Swimming

Chloe’s been asking about Ju-ju a lot lately (her cousin, Julia) so we headed over to her house today to play.  They have a small hill behind their house, so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and do a little sledding.  For their first trips down the hill, they went by themselves on an intertube.  Aaron gave them a push at the top and my brother caught them at the bottom.  I took pictures 🙂

Chloe wasn’t sure exactly how this all worked and decided to lay down for her first trip down the hill.

When the girls went down on the intertubes, they stopped far in advance of the creek at the bottom of the hill.  Then the girls headed down the hill together in a plastic sled.  It seemed like a total ‘Kodak Moment’ so Justin and I were both taking pictures of them. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t take into account that their speed might be different in a different sled, with more weight.  So they slid right down the hill and into the creek.  Yup.  You read that right.  They went right into the creek.  I think Aaron and Becky made it down the hill in record time to help get the girls out of the creek.  No one was hurt, and really, I think the parents were more freaked out than the kids!!  Although they were soaked, we didn’t want to end their sledding experience on that note.  They went down the hill again with Becky with the rest of us ready to stop them at the bottom, just in case 😉

After getting dry clothes on, the girls had a good afternoon playing together.  Hopefully we’ll get another chance to go sledding this year, and since we already have pictures of the cuties sledding together, we can keep them out of the creek!!


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Wordless Wednesday – Loud, loud, loud!!

For more Wordless Wednesday, head over to 5 Minutes for Mom!

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A time for toys and a time for cleaning…

In Chloe Mae’s mind, these seem to be the same thing.  Actually, I think she’d rather be cleaning than playing sometimes.  In the last few days…

  • …Chloe got a vacuum that’s just her size for Christmas.  She’s been using it every day since.  She even pulls out the dustbuster portion to keep her tent in tip-top shape!!
  • …she left her playroom and walked straight to the washing machine.  When she found it empty, she moved her way over to the dryer.  Happily, she found clothes in there, grabbed a laundry basket and took all the clothes out.
  • …Chloe abandoned mom and dad in her bedroom.  When dad went in search of her about 10 seconds later, he found her at the broom closet, grabbing the broom and dust pan.
  • ….she lost it when I wouldn’t let her help me sweep up the pine needles from our Christmas tree.  We tried to convince her that the just-her-size Swiffer dad made for her was just as good, but she knew it wasn’t the same and wanted no part of it.  However, later in the day, she was Swiffering up a storm.

Now my question is, how do I keep this kid interested in helping and cleaning as she gets older??

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