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Bloat much?

Bloating has a whole new meaning for me these days.  My shape changes so much throughout the day, that I really have to think about what I’m wearing to make sure I have “room to grow.”  For example, before realizing this, I wore a pair of pants that sit up higher on my waist than most and are generally a little snug.  I don’t have to suck in to button them or anything, but I knew they wouldn’t fit once I grew even a little.  After lunch, they were so tight it was uncomfortable, so I had to leave them unbuttoned.  Luckily, I was wearing a belt, so that helped hide the fact that they were unbuttoned.  (It didn’t go un-noticed by my mom though…)

So, this is what I look like in the morning:

And this is what I look at night:

Aaron’s first reaction was that these pictures must have been taken at different angles, but I assure you that there was a control involved to ensure consistency 🙂  And maybe others won’t see as much of a difference as I do, but I sure think (and feel!) there’s a difference.

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