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Temporary Insanity or Leisurely Mom-ing

This week, in addition to mom-ing my kids, I’m watching a 5 month old baby for one of Aaron’s co-workers. After returning from a walk around the block today, Baby B and I were sitting on the front step while C and D played. They were pretending to be nature fairies (we currently have Tinkerbell books from the library) whose job it is to paint rocks. I said, “Would it be fun to really paint rocks sometime?” And I got enthusiastic agreement from both kids. This is where the possible temporary insanity comes in…


I offered to let them paint rocks right then and there. With no prep time for me. While caring for a baby. With 2 kids who always manage to get far messier than I imagine is possible.


20140610-202657-73617930.jpgThe first couple rocks from C had some thought put into them. Then it was just messiness and craziness and I forced myself to forget the perfectly painted rocks I’ve seen on Pinterest. Probably 2 dozen rocks later we were done. Mainly because they were running out of paint.


20140610-202701-73621470.jpgWhether you’d classify it as insanity or just leisurely parenting, I’d do it again, because my kiddos had a ton of fun. I might choose a day when we don’t have friends from the under-one crowd over. And maybe I’ll get a wet rag ready before we start. Or we might just do spur-of-the-moment, messy, giggly fun at a less than perfect time again.


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Our New Reality

We’re one month in and we’ve all survived each other ūüôā ¬†My friend posted her list of suggestions for me entering the world of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I’m pretty sure her observations were spot on. Most days I feel like I could be a million times better, but I love my kids and that seems to be enough for them.

We’ve been silly. Lots. Silly face selfies, crazy voices, dance parties and sing-a-longs. I’m pretty sure this covers #1, #2 and #7 on my friend’s list – Relax, Laughter is the best medicine, and Be what you want them to become. There are times my kiddos need a firm hand and discipline, but more often than not, making every day life fun makes it so much easier for them to obey me. And so much easier for me to keep my attitude positive and in-check.



We’ve kept busy, but not too busy. Every Wednesday we’ve managed to meet up with some friends at a park. D and I have made a couple library trips while C is at school and we’ve had friends over for a few play dates. Hopefully we’ve struck a nice balance with #3, #4, #5 and #8 on the list – Don’t overplan, Plan something, Don’t underestimate uninterrupted free play, and Toys and clutter do not equal uninviting. ¬†I’m a planner by nature, so “Don’t overplan” and “Plan something” are important ones for me. I think I would go crazy if we just played every day by ear, but I know my kiddos have so much fun when they get time to do what they want on their timetable on occasion. And I’m so glad we entered this new season of our lives as we entered Spring in Iowa! I’m not sure I’d have such a positive outlook on everything if we didn’t get to spend much of our days outside – playtime, snacktime, more playtime and even dinnertime!


#6 and #6 1/2 would happen whether I wanted them to or not. If he’d had his way (and he often did) D and I¬†would have spent every morning while C was at school reading – many of the same books over and over and over again. We also spent ample time reading before and after nap. We read inside. We read outside. We read some favorites we’ve been reading for years and we read new favorites from the library. Some of our current favorites include the Amelia Bedelia series and the Trucktown series.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear friend for putting #9 on your list – TV is okay. I think we made it the first week with no TV, because I was trying really hard not to form any bad habits. We’ve always tried to limit TV, but I know that it’s okay in moderation and there are days when we have definitely¬†needed a bit of a break for everybody!

#10 – It’s totally worth it. Yes, yes and yes! We have gotten to do so many fun things together – picnic at Reiman Gardens, lunch with Nanna and Dudad, birthday celebration at school, and bike rides and walks home from school. I get to hear about or experience all the little highs and lows of my kids’ days and I get extra hugs and kisses before quiet time. ¬†And¬†I also get to be the one who works on potty training with D, tries to convince C that I’m boring and it’s okay to still have quiet time at home with me and comforts them when they fall.


There are days when my patience runs low and I need a few minutes to recharge when Aaron gets home from work, but I’m in love with my new “job” and feel so lucky that I got to try out the SAHM gig!

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