Day #1

Today was my first day of my new job – being a stay at home mom. I had a “seriously kid?!?” moment pretty early on today and decided it might be interesting to keep track of how the day went, an idea of how most days might go from now on.  Here’s what went down on day #1. **Beware: This is a pretty exciting read!**

7:15 – I decided to make Grammie’s Waterloo Muffins for breakfast.
7:30 – Aaron was biking to work and ready to head off, so I said I’d just grab a shower later.
8:20 – We were on our way to drop Chloe off at school. I had changed out of my pajamas…into leggings 🙂  We listened to Happy by Pharell Williams a total of 3 times on the way to and from C’s school.
8:45 – Devon had a dry diaper when I checked him, so he sat on the potty and peed. Good work, kid!
8:54 – I noticed D was a bit gassy, so I asked if he needed to go back to the potty. He said no, he was fine.
8:55 – D told me he had a poopy diaper and needed to be changed.
9:05 – I put away the 4 baskets of laundry that had been done over the weekend. I had a tiny helper, so it took a while.
photoMy tiny helper made an empty basket into a carseat, complete with a scarf seatbelt, and informed me that I was Gru and needed to drive him to pick up his sister.
9:28 – Only 2 hours after this new gig started, I began to worry about having a whole week with very little adult interaction, so I posted to a Facebook playgroup to see if anyone wanted to meet up on Wednesday at a park. Plans are made. *whew!*
9:38 – I texted my husband a selfie of my bad hair and asked if he’d still love me if I didn’t shower today. He said he would. *double whew!*
9:53 – Devon had started happily playing with his farm, so I thought I’d be productive and empty the dishwasher.
9:53:30 – Devon came into the kitchen and asked for my help with a tractor.
10:15 – The boy informed me that he was hungry, so we had a snack – cheese and crackers. Devon got crackers out for each of us while I sliced the cheese. He was a great helper and was rewarded by eating part of my snack as well as his. Sneaky boy.
10:22 – Devon had a quick tantrum, because I wouldn’t give him more snack. And then I had the nerve to tell him it wasn’t time to go pick Chloe up yet.
10:25 – We sat down to read books. And more books. Then a few more books.
10:55 – Devon’s diaper was dry again. So he peed on the potty again! Every time he goes on the potty, he gets a jellybean or M&M. I also took a quick trip to the bathroom and Devon offered me a jellybean. How thoughtful! That never happened at my old job!
11:05 – Devon and I started loading up in the bike trailer to go get Chloe from school. Devon fell, bounced and hit his chin on the driveway. We went back inside, got him cleaned up and got him an ice pack. Then we were on our way to get the sister.
photo (1)Despite his scraped up chin, Devon was very excited for the bike ride to get his sister, because he got to ride in the front with his feet on the pedals!
11:30 – Chloe was picked up and we were riding home when she informed me I was hilarious. Complimented on the job – awesome!
photo (2)Riding in the bike trailer obviously made the kids thirsty. And the helmet is why my hair looks like this…
11:45 – The kids played outside while I got lunch ready. I only had to go outside 3-4 times to help them out while I was reheating leftovers.
12:21 – We had a science lesson while we watched ants carry away crumbs from lunch.
12:30 – I cleaned up and cleared out the yard so Aaron could mow the lawn tonight. Every 30 seconds or so, I gave Devon a push on the swing or watched a performance by Chloe Mae.
1:00 – I headed into the garden to work on preparing it for planting. I quickly had to go back to the garage and get the kids their shovels, then inside for proper garden footwear for the kids. They kindly “helped” me prep the garden.
1:35 – My boy impressed me by (can you guess?) peeing on the toilet again!
1:54 – I  climbed into bed after getting the kids down for nap. I spent my first nap-time at home reading, playing on my phone and texting my husband. I thought about being productive today, but quickly dismissed the idea. I’ll have plenty of days ahead of me to be productive 🙂
3:42 – Devon woke up from nap and we starting reading books.
3:51 – In the midst of reading, Devon turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. Oh, cute boy. He knows how to melt my heart.
4:20 – Chloe woke up. We continued to read books.
4:35 – The kids had snack while I read more books.
5:00 – I built the kids a quick fort, then they played nicely together while I started on dinner.
5:31 – My husband walked in the door and my work day was over.

Then it was just on to the normal nightly duties of feeding the kids, entertaining them while Aaron mowed the lawn and getting them in bed. No big deal. I can do this again, and again, and again… Right?



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